Publish and Share Your Family History Research Progress

Dead Easy Family History also helps you publish and share how you’re doing your family history research. This benefits you and others.

How Does It Help Me?

You can get feedback and help from anyone in the world. For example, are you forgetting that “Bullick” may have been written “Bullock” in some official records? Or did you forget the currently French province of Alsace was part of Germany? There are lots of tricks, so letting others double-check your research can be critical.

Also, having your research available for others to see facilitates collaboration. So you can share the link to what you’re researching relatives who researching the same thing.

How Does It Help Others?

Research tips you create will automatically be suggested to others with similar Research Goals. Also, letting them see your Research Goals, work done, and comments might also give them ideas.

Stop Researching in a “Vacuum”!

Everybody benefits from publishing and sharing their family history research progress.



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