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I’m pretty sure he was an Irish Methodist minister, family search is 2MGL-2LJ.

Family Search had a source for his christening from the obituary of his nephew, William Nelson Ford in the St Marys Argus, 19 May 1910

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Inspect sources in family search

Found Missing Info

I searched for "William Nelson Ford" (mentioned as john's nephew) in family search family tree, who I found. He was the son of Ann Nelson, brother of John Nelson. And it actually turned out their father was already in FamilySearch family tree: Charles Nelson. No name for their mother though. Also related: in family search, John's sister, Ann, had a source for her son's death certificate and link to findagrave.com with a picture of her grave

If your ancestor is listed in familysearch.org, chances are there are some sources attached to them about their birth, death, etc. Sometimes the details on the sources give you some other clues. Eg, the source on the person's birth might be from a relative's obituary. That relative might already be… Read More...

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Contact Local familysearch.org Family History Consultants

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Google it

When using http://Google.com to search for family history data, here are a few tips to bear in mind: record what search terms you tried (eg "John Nelson Ireland reverend") in deadeasyfamilyhistory.org, or wherever you keep track of your research progress (this way you'll remember what you already tried) also record the urls… Read More...

Use Ancestry.com's record hints

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