1. Be courteous and kind; we’re all part of a big human family and have feelings.
  2. No vulgarity or innapropriate language
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  1. No links to innapropriate content. This will get you banned.
  2. No spamming (eg, linking to a website that’s completely unrelated to the purpose of this site). This will get you spammed.
  3. No creating content for any purpose other helping facilitate family history research
  4. When criticizing someone else’s content, please be constructive and decent – you’re talking to a human being with feelings. (Hint: first point out the good, then politely suggest ways to improve)
  5. No “ALL CAPS” content please. In case you didn’t know, if you write a message with only capitals online, it’s like you’re yelling. You shouldn’t yell at people in person, and you shouldn’t write online using only capital letters


  1. If you want to copy content from this site to elsewhere, please mention the author who submitted the content to this site originally and provide a link to their content somewhere on the site.


Are there other policies we should adopt? Please contact us and suggest them