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targetRecord your Research Goal. eg, find Great Grandpa’s Birthdate.


webGet Research Tips suited to your Research Goal. eg, When checking for individuals’ birthdates who died between 1901 and 2000, check the 1901 and 1911 Ireland Census online.


penRecord how well each Research Tip worked for you. eg, I didn’t find anything in the 1911 Census, but I found his birthyear in the 1901 Census.


technologyNever forgot what Research Tips you’ve tried or your current Research Goals. Eg, I found Great Grandpa’s Birthyear in the 1901 Ireland Census, but not the 1911; but I’d still like to know the exact birth date.


speakerSubmit Research tips for you, and others with similar Research Goals, to use. Eg, I also found you can request a birth certificate if you know the individual’s birthyear and name


arrowsMake Family History Research Even Easier As you create Research Tips and Research Goals, and record how well they work, help build an organized knowledge base of the best research tips



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