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I recently started a separate project: a WordPress plugin called “Print My Blog.” It’s for creating a paper or PDF copy of your WordPress site.

I personally wanted to use it for my blog, but there was a catch: my blog is on and I’d need to start paying out the big bucks if I wanted to activate a plugin on it. So I found a solution where I could use the plugin from another site, but still use it for my site’s blog posts.

This is one of the few sites I fully control that’s self-hosted, and the purpose of Print My Blog is somewhat aligned with Dead Easy Family History, so I put the plugin on this site.

So now, if you have a self-hosted or website/blog, you can use Print My Blog from Dead Easy Family History. If the plugin takes off, I will probably setup a separate site for it, but that takes money I’m not yet willing to spend on it.

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