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Here is their mother’s info on a public ancestry.com tree: https://www.ancestry.ca/family-tree/person/tree/16985690/person/975784360/facts

Mostly I just need to copy info and sources…


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Get Ancestry DNA and then compare family trees with possibly related individuals

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Found a relative's tree with a ton of info (see description), I just need to manually move it over to familysearch... Copied her husband Thomas Francis Cleary. * [ ] Add children and full individual details --done James McNamra Cleary (but not children and spouse) --done: Thomas Francis Cleary (but not children and spouse) --done: Jseoph Patrick Cleary (but not children and spouse) --done: Archibald William Cleary (and wife; no children or parents of wife) --done: VIncent Gordon Cleary (and wife, no children or parents of wife) * [ ] Add Spouses and full details * repeat until no info * [ ] go back to Anna Mary Malcolm, and do her parents * [ ] do her husband and his parents * [ ] do their children and husbands and children * [ ] sheesh it's a lot and I suppose we could do her husband Francis' parents etc

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Inspect sources in family search

If your ancestor is listed in familysearch.org, chances are there are some sources attached to them about their birth, death, etc. Sometimes the details on the sources give you some other clues. Eg, the source on the person's birth might be from a relative's obituary. That relative might already be… Read More...

Use Ancestry.com's record hints

Ancestry.com can give you automatic record hints (e.g. suggesting a birth certificate for one of your ancestors) without you doing nearly anything. To get their automatic record hints, you just need to sign up for ancestry.com and enter as much of your family tree as you know. After that, ancestry.com… Read More...

Contact Local familysearch.org Family History Consultants

You can find contact info for local Family History consultants on familysearch.org, who can help you with your research in-person, via phone and email. To do this, Go go familysearch.org Sign In, if you aren't already (button in the top-right corner) Click "Get Help" (button also in the top-right corner)… Read More...

Search Ancestry.com's public family trees

The thing you are researching may have already been found and published by a distant relative on ancestry.com. Go to the ancestry.com public member tree search page, and then enter the information you know about the ancestor for whom you are searching. I've found this search page didn't help me… Read More...

Start a discussion on the Individual in Family Search

It can be helpful to start a discussion in family search, asking for help in researching information on an individual. Others may be watching that individual too, and may be able to help. To start a discussion in Family Search, log into familysearch.org website (note: at the time of writing,… Read More...

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