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I’m pretty sure he was an Irish Methodist minister, family search is 2MGL-2LJ.

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Found a book transcription that might be for him: https://archive.org/stream/historymethodis00croogoog/historymethodis00croogoog_djvu.txt Search in page for "John Nelson". It says a John Nelson was appointed with a John Armstrong "to the Armagh Circuit". Also, that they were stationed in Lurgan. He was Secretary of the chapel fund commuter for 30 years. Stumbled on a site dedicated to Nelson family; http://nelsonfamilies.com/index.php/john-nelson-methodist-preacher (although I think the John Nelson mentioned there, born in 1700, was a different one who lived in Englsnd). My record shows him married to a Mar Markd though, so probably different John Nelson

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