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Geneanet is a French genealogy website. I don’t currently know too much about it, but it sounds like they’re likely to have information on French ancestors.


with No Comments is a database containing photos and information from 162 million graves. Often there are pictures of the graves, but usually there is important vital information like birthdate, date of death, parents, spouses, and children. Just go to‘s search … Read More

Use’s record hints

with No Comments can give you automatic record hints (e.g. suggesting a birth certificate for one of your ancestors) without you doing nearly anything. To get their automatic record hints, you just need to sign up for and enter as much … Read More

Google it

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When using to search for family history data, here are a few tips to bear in mind: record what search terms you tried (eg “John Nelson Ireland reverend”) in, or wherever you keep track of your research progress (this way … Read More

Inspect sources in family search

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If your ancestor is listed in, chances are there are some sources attached to them about their birth, death, etc. Sometimes the details on the sources give you some other clues. Eg, the source on the person’s birth might … Read More

Talk to living relatives

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When researching someone from the last 100 years or so, it helps to first talk to your living relatives to get some clues. It’s nice to record them too for later

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