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It can be helpful to start a discussion in family search, asking for help in researching information on an individual. Others may be watching that individual too, and may be able to help.

To start a discussion in Family Search,

  1. log into website (note: at the time of writing, this feature is NOT available in the Family Tree mobile app; it’s only on the website… which you can still use from your phone, just use your web browser and go to “”)
  2. find the individual you want to research, and look at the “Person” details view
  3. Open the “discussions” tab
  4. click “add a new discussion”
  5. Add the discussion topic title and body and click save.

It may take a few weeks or even months for anyone to take notice and reply. So the best time to start the discussion was last month, and the second best time is now.

Free, LDS oriented, Meta Tip, Online, Under 5 minutes
Use This Strategy When Searching for
Birth Details, Death Details, Marriage Details, Photos, Stories/Memories
...and the individual being researched matched the following...
Marriage Year
Marriage Place
Childrens' Birthyears
Childrens' Birthplaces
Death Year
Death Place
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